Interior Design Made Easy – Ten Things Your Boss Should Know

Interior design London can make all the difference between a flat that is smart and stylish versus a flat which simply ‘gets the job done’. For those who need a brush up on the basics of flat design, the following ten tips should help you go from everyday to exceptional with interior designers London.
Ten Most Common Mistakes in Interior Design

1. Messing Up Scale

As in, a room that looks interesting is a room with furniture and accessories at a variety of heights. Designers say not to make everything the same size or level in the room. Mix your shapes, heights, and sizes.

2. Forgetting to Budget

Failure to set a budget or look at a few different places in order to find the best price can be costly. Impulse buys often don’t work out, so have a plan and budget before you leave home. Key things to have in a plan – room measurements, furniture size, and furniture placement.

3. Refusal to Ask for Directions
One of the best things you can do when decorating or redecorating a room is to get a fresh eye or a second opinion about your design. The more we look at something the less we notice individual details, and sometimes disaster is in fact in the details. Don’t be afraid to hire an interior designer London to take a look and give advice.

4. Displaying Things Incorrectly
Collection of items should be put into one area of the room. Grouping of accessories and collectible items should be together.

5. Badly Hung Art
As you’ve doubtless seen, art hung too high, too low, or crookedly sticks out in a nasty, eye-catching way. An easy fix is to trace and then cut out the frame outline on a sheet of paper. Next stick the paper frame on the wall, stand back, and see where it looks the best. Don’t forget to mix sizes, colour, and texture of the art you hang according to your own tastes.

Now you should have a handle on the basics of how Top Interior Designers start their magic, here are five more tips to keep in mind.

  • Buy your fabric and textiles first – before painting etc.
  • Add your personal touch – whether it matches or not, add a few things just because you like them
  • Don’t forget a focal point – one item for the eye to rest on as you enter the room
  • Only keep and display what you love, period
  • Show your style – don’t be afraid to be bold and inventive



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