Ten things you should know before learning Interior Design

Do you have the talent. Do you instinctively know what textures work well together. Do you have a innate flair for what colours compliment each other and how to make the most of natural light.
Although this can be enhanced through teaching, natural talent is essential.

Gain yourself an accredited qualification. You will need this to become an Interior Designer. The difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator is Education.Are you a good listener. In order to obtain the right result you need to listen to the clients brief. Ensure you understand what their home means to them and how the space will be used.

Developing a portfolio. It is so important to be able to show a body of work that showcases previous projects. Gain as much experience as you possibly can, many Interior Designers London take on Interns. The experience gained will prove invaluable and help you obtain further commissions.

How is your Maths. Interior Design isn’t all about matching colours and picking out fabrics. There’s the technical stuff the measuring and estimating of materials along with building regulations and CAD drawings.

Reliable workforce. You will need to build relationships with suppliers and skilled workers. This takes time, look for recommendations and references before hiring someone.

Sticking to the budget. Clients think hard about how much they should spend on a particular project. While Interior Design (http://www.abeautifulmess.com/)  based may have endless budgets and high end clients this isn’t always the case. Any overspend should be brought to the clients attention and approved before any additional work is started.

Good head for business. You need to stay ahead of the game, do your research on new trends and try to keep one step ahead of the competition. Invest in good marketing and present your company well.

Don’t make it too perfect. Whilst you want your design to be beautiful and polished, don’t make it too perfect and contrived. It needs to be liveable and comfortable, mix eclectic styles and don’t make it too themed.

It’s not all about you. While you are there to offer a range of designs and styles. The client must feel they are in control and it ultimately has to be their choice in the style that suits their lifestyle.

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